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The Guide to Custom Tarps

Tarps are invaluable for several practical uses, and this product is essential for those requiring protection and coverage for their projects involving physical equipment. A reliable tarp can protect materials, supplies, structures, people and equipment. It can also prevent damages and  delays. If you require a specific type of tarp, you can consider custom options to fit your specific needs. 

If you want to protect your supplies from rain and snow or require an additional layer of protection, custom tarps are an excellent long-term investment.

Custom tarps can be customized to any shape or size; receive the perfect fit for your specific environment or application. If you need something specific, you don't have to settle for a tarp you find on a shelf. Invest in custom tarps that will protect your items and last through any job. The right tarp will make a world of difference, and this guide will help you select the right custom tarp for your needs.

Choose the Right Size & Fabric: 100% Customized

The only way to protect your valuable items is to make sure your cover can provide you with a perfect fit. Coming up short will not serve your needs. Surplus fabric is equally problematic because extra material can get caught up in equipment, vehicles and people. The right fit will ensure your operations are clean and orderly, while the area will be safe and secure with a good-fitting custom tarp.

In addition to the correct size, custom tarps can also be made from specific materials. You should consider this aspect carefully; think of the application your tarp will be used for, selecting the material based on these specifics. You can choose from the following materials:

  • Vinyl
  • Clear Vinyl
  • Mesh
  • Nylon
  • Polyester

When you work with our team for custom tarps, you can also discuss special features, like UV-resistant, waterproof and fire-resistant properties.

Don’t Forget About Grommets & Other Fasteners

Grommets help to properly tie down and secure tarps and are usually made from sturdy metals like brass, nickel and aluminum. They need to be equally spaced around the sides of your tarp, and when you invest in custom tarps, you can select the spacing. These are typically spaced 6 inches, 12 inches and 24 inches apart.

Grommets can be connected to buildings, truck beds, structures, poles, posts and other items using zip ties, bungee cords, rope hooks or other hardware.

You Don’t Have to Settle for a Rectangle

While rectangle tarps are popular, you don't have to settle for this shape. If your project requires a tarp that is round, circular or one of any shape, 100% customization makes it a possibility. If your project requires a unique form, custom tarps can be designed and created based on your needs.

Consider Your Needs & Functionality

Where your tarp will be used, and the items it must protect will help you order the perfect custom tarp. Custom industrial curtains may be a great choice if you need a tarp for warehouse, commercial, industrial or municipal uses. These custom tarps are made from tough fabrics like mesh, vinyl, nylon or polyester. 

If you want protection with a crystal clear view, custom clear vinyl curtains are ideal. They can shield against wind, rain, snow and extreme temperatures while providing a clear view of their contents. These tarps are perfect for porches, decks and patios and can also be used in restaurants, warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Do you need to shield your equipment and machines? Custom equipment covers will be required in these situations and can be made to the exact size for your specific needs. You can also select special features.

Do you need to cover a baseball field or a golf course? Custom athletic field covers can help keep athletic locations in great shape, reducing maintenance time and costs. These custom tarps can be made to any required dimensions and are manufactured from durable fabrics like vinyl and polyethylene.

Why Invest in Custom Tarps?

You will enjoy convenience, affordability and effectiveness when you invest in custom tarps, with a range of options to choose from. Custom tarps can be used in almost every industry and situation, and you can select the dimensions, thickness, material weight, colour and special features that work for you. You can order the shape you need and receive the perfect fit whenever you buy custom tarps from Supreme Tarps.

How to Order Custom Tarps

Following a few basic steps will allow you to order custom tarps to make your next project straightforward and simple. Once you are ready to place your order, these four easy steps will guide you in the right direction:

1. Select Your Ideal Custom Tarp

The first step of the process will require you to select the custom product for your specific needs. 

Do you need a custom equipment cover? Custom clear vinyl curtains? Custom welding curtains? Custom mesh screen curtains? You must determine this answer before moving on to the next step.

2. Select Size and Options

You will need to select your desired dimensions and make grommet selections.

3. Choose Your Desired Material

During the third stage, you can select your custom tarp’s material, colour and the order quantity.

4. Order Review

You can discuss special features you require during this step, and you must review your order to ensure you are ordering the right custom tarp before we begin production.


Are you looking for custom tarps that can meet your specific needs?  Supreme Tarps has you covered! There is no need to grab a tarp from the shelf when we can create the perfect custom tarp for your next project. Our products will protect your supplies, equipment or personal belongings to provide unrivalled protection against the elements.

Contact us today to learn more about custom tarps and how they can help with your next project!

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