Tarp Specs

At Supreme Tarps, we are 100% confident that we provide the industries strongest and most durable tarps. Our current tarp offerings come in standard sizes as well as custom ordered sizes and are offered in white and beige with a 12 ounce weight and 23 mil thickness. All of our heavy duty tarps and manufactured directly in our fabric plants and require several quality control signatures before shipped off to our customers. All of our tarps are manufactured with a heavy duty fabric with maximum strength and protection as well as enhanced UV protection. Our heavy duty tarps are designed to meet the industry’s highest standards and our 12 oz Supreme Tarps boast a proven membrane structure as well as a unique weave design that produces impressive strength-to-weight ratios. Its lighter weight compared to other tarps of similar strength make it easier and faster to assemble. Supreme Tarps feature excellent physical properties, wider widths and better color retention than comparable products.


  • Enhanced UV protection for long service life
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Wider widths (up to 144”) means fewer seams and lower manufacturing costs.
  • Proprietary coating enhances abrasion resistance, flex resistance, seam strength and longevity.
  • Dirt repelling LDPE coating.


Weave: Woven Clear HDPE scrim Coating: LDPE 4 mils average each side Thickness: 23 mils (0.59mm) For any additional product questions or for additional information, please email us at info@supremetarps.com