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Top Uses For Heavy-Duty Tarps

A heavy-duty tarp can be used for many purposes. It can help protect materials, equipment, supplies, vehicles, freight, structures and people from debris, pests, hazards and the elements.

Heavy-Duty tarps are effective covers made from durable fabrics like vinyl, canvas, polyethylene and mesh. Vinyl is considered the most durable option because it is waterproof, tear and puncture-resistant, and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

You must consider the tarp's intended purpose when selecting the material, and you also have to consider the specific needs of your project. Its application will help you choose the best material for your heavy-duty tarp, and the following are the top uses for heavy-duty tarps:

Truck Tarps

A heavy-duty tarp can be used as a truck cover and is available in a wide variety of sizes, grades, material weights and colours. You can choose a flatbed truck tarp, lumber truck tarp, heavy-duty machinery tarp, steel truck tarp and more!

You will need a robust and weather-resistant fabric for the different trucking and freight applications. You may want to consider polyethylene, vinyl and mesh. 

Construction Tarps

This tarp will turn a job site into a safe and productive work environment. Whether it's a yard or warehouse, a heavy-duty tarp will help cover materials, tools, supplies, equipment and your employees.

A heavy-duty construction tarp can also be used as a temporary building enclosure, welding blanket, welding screen, safety debris netting, scaffold sheeting, and so much more. This tarp must be constructed from strong fabrics like vinyl, canvas and clear vinyl. 

Welding Blankets & Screens

This type of cover can protect employees, tools, supplies, equipment and areas from sparks, high heat, splatter, grindings and flame generated throughout welding operations.

This kind of heavy-duty tarp must be made from heavy-duty flame- and heat-resistant fabrics like acrylic-coated fibreglass, silicone fibreglass, heat-treated fibreglass and silica, for example. 

Lifting Tarps, Debris Tarps, and Snow Tarps

These tarps are very effective if your operation requires moving or lifting supplies. If you need to lift equipment onto a roof, clean up supplies or remove debris from an elevated structure, this type of tarp will help move things to the right locations.

Lifting tarps are made from solid vinyl coating and contain high-strength webbing to help with lifting. These tarps will get things where they need to be and are available in several sizes to help with your specific operation. 

Fire Retardant Tarps

A heavy-duty fire retardant tarp is ideal if you require safety for your equipment, supplies, structures and workers. This effective solution will help keep items safe and should be used in areas where there is a threat of fire and heat hazards.

This tarp meets all fire regulations and standards and contains specialty features, available in varying weights, thicknesses, colours and sizes. In addition to being fire-retardant, these tarps are also resistant to tears, abrasion, oil, grease, UV rays, rot, chemicals and mildew.

Waterproof Tarps

Heavy-duty tarps are waterproof, an invaluable feature for many environments. Your tarp can shield equipment areas, materials and individuals from the water and its effects, which can delay or damage projects and sites.

Waterproof tarps are made from high-quality fabrics like vinyl, poly, neoprene and canvas and are available in different thicknesses, material weights, grades and colours. These tarps are ideal for trucking tasks, agriculture and equipment covers.

Sports Covers

If you need to protect a stadium, arena or gymnasium, heavy-duty sports tarps can be used to help keep the playing surfaces and surrounding areas clean and dry. This tarp will help keep courts and playing fields in good condition, keeping players, fans and facilities safe and protected. 

Sports tarps can be used to cover gym floors, baseball fields or sidelines and are perfect for maintaining and securing unused seating sections while keeping them free of debris. 

Hay Tarps

Farmers need heavy-duty tarps to protect their hay bales from the elements, and this kind of tarp is usually made from heavy-duty reinforced polyethylene material that is UV, rot and mildew resistant. They are also waterproof and available in various sizes to fit your hay bales.

Using a heavy-duty tarp will help farmers shield hay bales from sun, rain, heat, and wind damage. Farmers can improve the overall quality of their hay and crop yield; when hay is adequately shielded from the elements, it is less likely to be damaged or spoil from mould.


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