The Best Winter Tarps From Supreme Tarps

The Best Winter Tarps From Supreme Tarps

Winter can be challenging because of the cold, snow and ice. You will need the right tools and equipment to get through this season, and a reliable winter tarp is a great item. This versatile piece of protective gear will make a difference in protecting your belongings and ensuring the safety of your outdoor space. 

Winter tarps can be used for various purposes and offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Protection for your vehicle - Your car is quite an investment and deserves protection from harsh winter elements. A winter tarp can shield your vehicle from snow, ice, and freezing rain and can preserve its appearance and functionality. 
  • Easy snow removal - Clearing snow from driveways and walkways is not an easy task, but a winter tarp can minimize the accumulation of snow and make this task a lot more manageable. 
  • Covering outdoor furniture - Outdoor furniture can become damaged if it is exposed during the winter, but winter tarps can help prevent deterioration and are an effective solution for keeping your outdoor seating and accessories safe from the elements. 
  • Protecting your garden - Winter tarps can be a lifesaver if you are an avid gardener. They can help insulate plants in your garden and prevent frost damage, allowing you to enjoy your backyard come spring. 

How to Choose the Right Winter Tarp

You must consider several factors when selecting winter tarps, including material, size and dimensions, grommets and tie-downs. Winter tarps are available in various materials, including vinyl, canvas, and polyethylene, each having its advantages. You must choose the material that will suit your specific requirements and measure the area you want to cover to ensure the tarp you select provides enough coverage. 

You should choose a tarp with reinforced grommets and tie-downs, as these features will ensure a secure and snug fit. Don’t forget about UV resistance, durability, and longevity. UV-resistant tarps are necessary for prolonged outdoor use, as they protect your belongings and spaces from snow and harmful UV rays. 

Best Winter Tarps of Supreme Tarps

Supreme Traps offers high-quality, heavy-duty tarps for any application, and you can expect enhanced UV protection for extra durability and increased lifespan. Our tarps can be used in the winter, and you can consider any of the following options:

1. Ice rink liner

You can order top-quality poly tarps, perfect as ice rink liners. You will enjoy enhanced durability; our rot-resistant tarps will not tear. Premium liners will help you safeguard your ice rink investment, and you can rely on our premium liners. 

2. Clear vinyl tarps

These tarps are clear and can run along the entire perimeter of your space. Clear vinyl tarps are great for partitioning sections of a structure or providing reliable coverage for any valuable items. They are ideal for outdoor enclosures and freezing outdoor use. 

3.Super heavy-duty vinyl tarps

This is a popular option because they are built to endure and constructed from robust materials to ensure they remain resilient all winter. This tarp can withstand even the harshest weather conditions and protect your equipment, property or valuable materials. Heavy-duty tarps offer longevity and dependable protection.

4. Heavy-duty mesh tarps 

These tarps provide shade coverage and also promote excellent air circulation. They are flexible, UV-treated, and resistant to abrasion and tears. They are solid and durable, and grommets are placed around and in each corner. 

5. Insulated tarps 

This kind of tarp features closed-cell foam for exceptional performance and is lightweight and robust, making it perfect for various applications. These tarps are highly versatile and can shield against harsh surfaces and elements to ensure lasting durability. We can custom-make tarps in virtually any size you require, and insulated tarps are specially designed to excel in adverse weather conditions. 

6. Woodpile cover tarp 

This is an effective solution for safeguarding your firewood and woodpiles. If you want to use firewood to heat your home or fuel a campfire, our covers offer reliable protection against the elements, and we can add grommets, which allow for easy tie-down. These tarps are durable, and your wood will remain in pristine condition to ensure you have a great time around the fire. 

How to Use Our Winter Tarps

Now that you know about some available options, it’s important to understand how to use a winter tarp properly. The following tips will ensure you use your winter tarp effectively:

  • Cover your items securely - Whether it’s a car or patio furniture, you need to make sure the tarp is tightly secured because this will prevent snow or ice from penetrating underneath. 
  • Angle the tarp - If you use it for snow removal, you must angle it appropriately to direct the snow where you want it to go. Angling the tarp will make your cleanup process a lot more efficient. 
  • Use your tarp as a tent when covering plants - If you want to protect your plants, create a tent-like structure using your tarp to ensure proper insulation and coverage. 


Are you looking for tarps for sale? Supreme Tarps can provide versatile and durable tarps to help you get through the winter season. If you need a roofing tarp, heavy duty tarp or a custom tarp, we are ready to help and offer a variety of tarps for sale. 

Our tarps will help you protect your assets during the colder months, and you’ll be able to shield your car, clear snow or safeguard your outdoor spaces with a high-quality winter tarp. If you want to be prepared this winter, it’s time to invest in a reliable tarp. You can contact us today to learn more about our products!

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